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Buying Your Home

Documents You Will See When Selling Your Home

I have made reference to a number of documents used in the process of selling your home. Following is a list of these documents and a brief explanation:

Working With A Real Estate Agent
This brochure has been prepared by the British Columbia Real Estate Association and is used to help explain the relationship between you and your Realtor. Using this brochure I will discuss with you the three types of agency representation (Single Agency, Dual Agency, No Agency). I will also discuss with you the capacity I will be working with you and what my duties, obligation and responsibilities to you the Seller are. I will ask you to sign the disclosure statement in the brochure. This is merely a statement indicating that the Agency relationship has been explained to you, and does not obligate you in a any way to use me as your Realtor.

Multiple Listing Service (MLS) Contract
This contract outlines the terms and conditions of the listing contract, including:

  • The price of the property.
  • The address and legal description of the property
  • The existing financing arrangements
  • A list of items (known as fixtures) that will not be included in the sale, i.e., a light fixture
  • The commission amount
  • The expiry date of the listing contract

The listing contract is the Seller's agreement with the Listing Agency. Generally, a Seller can cancel the listing contract provided both parties agree. I go one step further and guarantee the quality of my service to you. If you are unhappy with my service, or if you change your mind about selling your home, I will cancel the contract without any further obligation to you. As with other services, there is GST (but not PST) payable on the agreed upon commission.

Property Condition Disclosure Statement (PCDS)
Every listing placed on the Multiple Listing Service (MLS) must be accompanied by a Property Disclosure Form, which must be filled out by you the Seller. In this form you (the Seller) indicate, to the best of your knowledge, various aspects of the property, defects of which you are aware, age of roof if know, any upcoming expenses (as in special assessments in strata titled properties) , etc.

Your Realtor is not permitted to fill out this form. The Buyer receives a copy of this form, and once an offer is agreed upon, the form becomes part of the Contract of Purchase and Sale.

Contract Of Purchase and Sale
This standard form in the basic contract signed by the Buyer and the Seller. It sets out every aspect of the transaction, including: sale price; the terms and conditions; the date that the Seller will be paid for the property; the date that the Seller hands over the Keys; the inclusions and exclusion; the handling of existing tenancies; the deposit; and other legal matters as described in the preprinted contract and added clauses. My responsibility is to ensure that the contract is written correctly and meets your needs and expectations.

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